Name: Pascal

Position: Founder  

What are you doing all day long?: Thinking about new products, marketing activities and how to make the brand more popular throughout all our channels.

Why Bracelets?: I love fashion and hunting new trends. When I first dreamed of starting my own small business back in 2016, I was quite sure that it has to be a fashion related "thing". At the time I could not find cool and affordable mensjewelry, so I wanted to change that.

Favorite Bracelet?: Most of the time I enjoy wearing the our sterling silver metal cuff and our signet rings. The one with a blue marble stone is probably my favorite product.

My Style?: Would describe it as casual-chic. I love to wear a turtle neck with a blazer, tailored trousers and a pair of white sneaker. 

Interests: Besides Sprezzi - I would sayWristwatches, city trip and to be out and about taking pictures with my camera!

Instagram: @itspascal93

Name: Jannik

Position: Camera dude and brother 

What are you doing all day long?: I take and edit most of the pictures for Sprezzi. Especially the product pictures you can see online. Instagram is not really my thing -  these shots are Pascal‘s part.

Why Bracelets?: Pascal is my brother... so I had no choice but to take part! 

Favorite Bracelet?: I am more into sneaker and streetwear, so I mostly wear the Premium Collection on my wrist. The lion bracelet is my favorite. Even though I also like the black metal cuff.

My Style?: As is said... I love sneaker and streetwear. Jeans or joggers, a black hoodie... Adidas NMD on my feet and I am ready to go.

Interests: Sneakers, techno music and soccer.         

Instagram: @jannik_gehrlein

Name: Christine

Position: I help my sons with their crazy ideas.

What are you doing all day long?: I do pack your boxes and then ship the packages. The warehouse is my place!

Favorite Bracelet?: I love to wear blue and turquoise. Therefore the Classic Blue Ocean and Turquoise are my favorite ones.

My Style?: I still feel and dress quite young :). I love to wear white jeans, some nice loafers and a knit-sweater. 

Interests: Hiking, reading books


Name: Marcel

Position: Customer Support & Sales

What are you doing all day long?: My job is to answer your questions on Instagram and Facebook. Moreover I am responsible for product testing and to find new clients.

Favorite Bracelet?: ...depending on my  style. But most of the time it is a plain signet ring, a lion bracelet and one bracelet of the Classic Collection.

My Style?: Sometimes I love to  dress classy: blazer, shirt and Chelsea Boots... but I also love to be the sporty guy with a hoodie, baseball hat and Converse. 

Interests: Cars! And soccer.

Instagram: @m_khlr